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Argentine colt 1911 markings medellin colombia escobar The pistols were manufactured in accordance with Colt's 1927 drawings. They were exact copies of Colt's 1927 pistols identical to US military M1911A1 pistols except for very minor differences, and parts were interchangeable. The only noticeable differences were the markings, grips, black oxide bluing, a sharp edge on the rear of the hammer, and a sharp edge on the heel of the grip safety. Triggers were solid as on the 1927 Colts , and the checkering on the mainspring housing was changed from Colt type cut checkering to indented checkering. Barrels on pistols issued to the Army had blued chambers, but the chambers on Navy, police, and commercial barrels were milled after being blued, which resulted in a bright unfinished surface comparable to Colt commercial barrels. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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A Nurse with a Gun Monday, March 09, 2009 The Colt Sistema Newcomers to the 1911 scene are sometimes surprised to learn that fully functional M1911A1 pistols were often sold cheaply to the public as government surplus back in the 1970s. That cornucopia of 45s came to an abrupt end during the Clinton administration, as thousands of M1911A1s were destroyed rather than being sold. The prices of the old war horses skyrocketed as they became collector's items rather than surplus ordnance. Dealers in surplus pistols soon found another source for inexpensive 1911s in Argentina.

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