How Many Times Has King Henry VIII Been Married?

Henry viii wife married four times taxi 4 movie cast Divorced, beheaded, survived. Catherine wed Henry in 1509, shortly after he became king, and their marriage lasted almost 24 years — the other five spanned less than 10 years put together. While she was pregnant six times, only one of Catherine's children with Henry survived. a girl who later became Queen Mary I. Obsessed with trying to produce a male heir, the king spent their final years together desperately trying to annul their marriage, which he eventually managed in 1533. The expensive, all-consuming process cost Cardinal Thomas Wolsey his life, and sparked a rift with the Pope which led to England breaking from the Roman Catholic Church and the eventual establishment of the Church of England. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Charismatic and extravagant, his reign lasted nearly 39 years, and was marked by radical changes to the English constitution, expansion of royal power and the breaking with the Catholic Church through the English Reformation. But he is perhaps most famous for having six wives. Two of the marriages were declared annulled with the first annulment leading to Henry being excommunicated from the Catholic Church , while two of his wives were beheaded. Catherine of Aragon Catherine is best known today for her role in the sparking of the Reformation. While the issue was being debated, Catherine was held a virtual prisoner with little money to her name.

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Once he died, Catherine and Henry were married. Story has it that Catherine was truly loved by the King.

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Published March 1, 2018 Updated March 17, 2019 The monarch was famous for going through multiple wives and mistresses, but what actually happened to all of Henry VIII's wives? After his brother died, Henry obtained a papal dispensation to marry his wife, Catherine, as he had been in love with her for some time.

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