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How was the cochlear implant invented boyfriend less spiritual It can be used for people who are deaf or very hard of hearing. A cochlear implant is not the same thing as a hearing aid. It is implanted using surgery, and works in a different way. There are many different types of cochlear implants. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

who uses cochlear implants

What Is a Cochlear Implant? The cochlea are snail-shaped, curled tubes near nerves in the ears. They transform sound vibrations reaching the ear into signals that can be sent to the auditory nerve or hearing nerve. The auditory nerve then sends these signals to the brain, where they're translated into recognizable sounds.

If you have seen a cochlear implant , you may wonder how such a device came to be. The history and development of the cochlear implant, a modern tool for hearing , actually spans centuries. Pre-Modern Times Around 1790, a researcher named Volta placed metal rods in his own ears and connected them to a circuit.

NASA invented Cochlear Implants

Cochlear's award winning graduate engineering program in Australia.