Lloyd's Register Of Merchant Ships Index 1843

Lloyds register vessel search common psychiatric drugs in india It had its germinal seeds in a coffee house of London. This was way back in the 17th Century, when people connected to the shipping industry used to gather in a particular coffee house in London. People such as merchants, goods traders, ship brokers, sailors etc. Looking at the specific type of crowd and information shared at his coffee house, Edward Lloyd, the owner of the coffee house started keeping a printed note of all the information that were shared by his customers and used to later distribute them to every one coming to his coffee shop. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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In the opinion of an expert in these matters, Mr. The first six columns, giving the former and present names of the vessels, those of the master, the sailings from port to port, and the tonnage, are sufficiently apparent; and so are also the meaning of columns eight, nine, and ten, stating the number of the crew, the year of construction, and the name of the owners of each ship. As regards the letters, their signification is obscure; but it is probable that A, E, I, and O, applied to the state of the hull, and G and M, with, now and then, a B, not shown in this page, to equipment; G standing for good, M for middling, and the rare B for bad.

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