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Playhouse disney shows 2010 my yahoo groups home page Updated February 12 2018 Shows highlighted in this color, I have. Really fun to hear the audience react to the songs for the first time; each time someone riffs or has a good note Especially Stephanie you can tell how impressed the audience is. Hopefully I'll get to see the new Broadway production, which seems to be filled with great singers and actors, but I can see why some people would bootleg if they don't have access to a good performance of any show and they really want to see it. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Anybody who watched Disney Channel regularly during the 2000s—and even during the first half of the 2010s—will recognize this fellow's voice. He was the announcer for many of the channel's bumpers, promos, and other material that aired during the breaks between shows; for just a few examples of his extensive work, see this YouTube video of Disney Channel bumpers from 2007 , as well as a few recordings of some commercial breaks between shows, captured on 8 February 2009 , 22 August 2009 , and 16 April 2010. When I began watching Disney Channel regularly right around the beginning of the Ribbon Era 2007—2010 , Cam's voice was everywhere on the channel. he voiced pretty much every bumper and promo, and during this time I doubt that there was ever a single commercial break where I didn't hear him at least once. He did not, of course, announce every single thing that aired during the breaks. movie promos and bumpers were, in general, handled by at least one other fellow with a deeper voice, and some other things e. Still, though, it was very clear that he was the channel's main announcer, and for me, he will forever be the voice of Disney Channel; I heard him almost daily when I watched the channel regularly between 2007 to 2013.

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disney jr shows 2000s

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