Poverty and Vulnerability in Dhaka Slums; the Urban Livelihoods Study

Poverty and vulnerability in dhaka slums vh1 app roku Natural disasters, poverty drive rural poor into Dhaka Rural poor migrating to Bangladeshi capital mostly end up living in extreme poverty Nurjahan, 60, a Muslim slum dweller in Dhaka, migrated to the Bangladeshi capital with her family 40 years ago from southern Bangladesh after river erosion swallowed their home and arable land. To her neighbors, Nurjahan is popularly known as the kolawali banana seller. Every day she collects ripe bananas from a nearby market and sells them to customers in the slum to make ends meet. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The inferno destroyed the oven her husband, Shahid Gazi, used for his bakery and the fridges he relied on for his business selling leftover chicken meat from Chinese restaurants. In addition, they received pro-bono help from architects like Sheikh Rubaiya Sultana, who helped redesign the neighborhood to protect it better against future fires. But in a city where less than 10 percent of areas are planned, altering the slumscape is a tall order. Ashekur Rahman, an urban program specialist with the United Nations Development Programme UNDP in Bangladesh, said the transitory existence of many slum dwellers is a major impediment to keeping them safe from threats like fires in the longer term.

Dignity in a Dhaka slum

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Documentary on Life style in Slum: Bangladesh

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