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Who is lisa rowe based on where do singles meet in atlanta Her dominating personality and harsh honesty made her the leader of the patients at McLean Hospital. They admired her power and ability to manipulate the nurses and cause chaos in the hospital. She thrives off the attention of the other patients and staff, using clever pranks, obscene comments, and elaborate escape attempts to get it. Lisa has a fairly complicated personality. She is reckless, loud, and impulsive. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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An In-Depth Look at great heroines and villainesses in literature and film. Women who are insane, scorned, vengeful, or just not quite all there tend to be my favorites. There are no fewer than 5 on this list, depending on who you ask.

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Virtual Riot - In Your Hands (Feat. Lisa Rowe) [MELODIC/DUBSTEP]

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Virtual Riot - Mindreader (Feat. Lisa Rowe) [DUBSTEP] [SECTION Z RECORDS]

Culture Code feat. Lisa Rowe - Over Again