These 20 Quotes PROVE Long Distance Relationships Are Worth The Work

Why long distance relationships dont work quotes sarcastic couple jokes By Rich Santos Apr 27, 2008 I have a lot of friends who are questioning whether their long distance relationships are worth the trouble. Ever since I tried it even though I was 18 and it was only about an hour's drive distance , I've sworn I'd never try it again. I've developed a theory on what makes a strong relationship. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Tumblr Looking for long distance relationship quotes to express your feeling to your loved ones? We have captured this beautiful feeling in words. Being in a long distance relationship is a beautiful feeling.

15 Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes

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Quotes Living in a long-distance relationship can prove to be quite a challenge. In fact, there are not many things that put a relationship as much to a test as distance. Sadly, the great distance that lies between you and your significant other complicates even the most basic things most couples take for granted. Add to this the loneliness and sadness both partners may experience as a result of the physical separation and you have a true challenge for the future of the relationship. This selection of cute relationship quotes will help you to keep your relationship and love strong, healthy, and alive — despite the distance.

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Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes

If You're In A Long Distance Relationship, Watch This

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