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Wow community is toxic meetup denver hiking We usually have a peaceful and mature setting, we would like to keep it that way as much as possible. I'm not saying WoW players aren't welcome, just WoW drama isn't welcome. Last night in zone chat there was literally a never ending debate about WoW Lore which turned into WoW guild drama, which turned into the biggest D measuring contest I've ever seen in ESO. People started spitting out Guild size, gear scores and raid times, guild leaders, etc as if it made their statements more valid, someone mentioned trump, and then that turned into a political battle and I just... I actually for the first time had to cut zone off. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Main Class Black Mage Lv 70 Hi, really glad to hear this community has been such a positive experience and relief for you! I'm not a WoW refugee but I guess might be considered a sort of alternate-fandom refugee. The fandom stuff I'd been following was actively making me feel depressed, hopeless, and miserable so I came here instead.

Is the World of Warcraft community toxic?

wow pvp toxic

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why are people so toxic in wow

why are people so toxic in wow

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