DeAndre Hopkins Pledges Playoff Pay For Jazmine Barnes’ Funeral

Deandre hopkins game day salary how are catholics saved Its time to recognize him as the best receiving threat the NFL has to offer. I have played very little organized football in my life, the only real experience coming from two years of intramural flag football in college. However, I have played my fair share of backyard football, during which I always found myself as a wide receiver. When you play a position, in any sport, you tend to look to others who have mastered their craft for tips and pointers to help improve your own game. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Print Article AA On Friday afternoon, the Houston Texans announced that general manager Rick Smith had signed a four-year extension that would keep him in charge of personnel for the Texans through the 2020 season. He knows what our objectives are and is well-respected within our organization and throughout the league. This extension helps us build toward our goal of long-term success in the NFL. This has been firmly established after the debacles of 2010 and 2013, when Smith could've easily been cut loose but survived.

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DeAndre Hopkins Comes Away w/ 3 TD Grabs vs. KC! - Chiefs vs. Texans - Wk 5 Player Highlights