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Derp comics funny where to meet guys in baltimore Ice on Fire, debuting on HBO, directed by Leila Connors and produced and voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio , is an educational film about climate change and what we can still do about it. Even before it gets too far along Ice on Fire reminds us of a less profound truth—not everyone who is a great actor is a great documentary curator. Leo DiCaprio may be gifted and adorable and laudable in his desire to do this project, but maybe climate science call-to-action documentary voiceover is not the highest use of his talents. Between that and the pacing, it took me close to half an hour to get into this thing. Fig and loquat and banana trees tangle around artichoke and sunflower starts in a Los Angeles urban farm, the tiny plot sequestering carbon equivalent to the emissions of seven conventional engine hatchbacks. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Fb So, the New York Times published a long article yesterday about how great rage comics are but I've been too busy slamming my head into the side of a parked UPS van to write anything about it until now. So here goes. Fuck rage comics. Rage comics are a popular meme where people cut and paste a pre-drawn catalogue of cartoon faces into comic strips to create boring stories about the problems they face in their everyday lives. You've probably seen one. People on the internet have made millions of these things, the majority of which feature pathetic male leads who get rejected by women they have a crush on for being excruciatingly awkward.

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