A distinct Perch above downtown L.A.

Perch los angeles happy hour photos of norman reedus daughter It's the best time to sip a cocktail among the palm trees and tall buildings at one of the many rooftop bars in L. Although each venue is unique, most include some version of the same ritual. Upon arriving, you'll be led to—or expected to find—an elevator that will transport you upstairs to the top floor of a building where you'll emerge to find an entirely new vision of the sprawling city. Downtown , you'll walk among sleek modern skyscrapers. In Hollywood, you'll find yourself surrounded by palm trees. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Some of our favorites includes bars where you can break out your bathing suit for the rooftop pool or check out panoramic views of the skyline. All of them serve stiff drinks. As always, let us know your favorites in the comments. Perch Photo via Perch's Facebook Perch Perched that's right atop an old art deco building, this French-inspired bistro and cocktail bar offers unobstructed views of downtown Los Angeles.

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Downtown Los Angeles From Perch LA - 4K Timelapse

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