Tips about configuring Ethernet port on Cisco switch

Vtp domain mismatch error how to relax in the early stages of dating Early in my career I laughed along with engineers making jokes about the dreaded VTP bomb, but I always thought the disaster stories were more of an exaggeration than reality. When not handled carefully, VTP can do tremendous damage. VTP is normally found in the access layer more than in other parts of a network. Especially in large organizations, access switches are moved, swapped, added and re-added relatively often. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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This is normal behavior of the switch. Router show run include vlan vlan internal allocation policy ascending vlan 1 tb-vlan1 1002 tb-vlan2 1003 tb-vlan2 1003 vlan 20-21,50-51 vlan 1002 tb-vlan1 1 vlan 1003 Router show run include vtp tb-vlan1 1 tb-vlan2 1002 vlan 1004 vlan 1005 vtp domain cisco vtp mode transparent Extended-range VLANs are not supported by 3500XL. If you upgrade the software of the switch, it does not bring an enhancement to support the configuration of extended-range VLANs.


switchport nonegotiate

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sw_vlan 6 vtp_domain_name_chg vtp domain name changed to

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