The Curse of The Gold Digger – Is She Dating Me For My Money?

Why do people date gold diggers hug therapy research Is she a gorgeous glamour girl in distress? Use these signs to know for sure! A gold digger is a very cunning and curious species. It comes in all forms, both male and female. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

gold digger characteristics

That's honestly the million dollar question, and it's a question that a lot of us have asked about the people that we have loved. That's what this person is asking in his Whisper confession. It must suck to realize that the person you've been dating is actually a gold digger. It really makes you question pretty much everything about the relationship.

Well, this is for those certain users who tend to put the blame on gold diggers as being the sole cause of misery in a man's marriage and life and whatever else. Or how they are horrible for doing what they do and so on. What I mean to say is this. I've heard way too many times men and women empathizing with the husband who has spent more than half his fortune supporting the whims of his gold digging wife. Or girlfriend. You get it.

I'm dating a GOLD DIGGER

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