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Winchester model 50 value la shield sunscreen india Disassembly Guide. Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge The last of an era, the Winchester Model 50 The year is 1950, and Winchester Repeating Arms company looks on with envy while Remington, Browning and even Savage pump out their versions of the most popular semi-automatic shotgun of all time. the Auto-5. Winchester has done well enough in the pump shotgun market with their John Browning derived designs. the Model 1912 shortened to simply Model 12 had become the household name in slide actions which Remington and the rest chased after and the cowboy classic 1897 was just now reaching the twilight of its production. The autoloader itch remains unscratched, however, after the schism between the company and Browning himself over four decades earlier. While the other American gunmakers enjoyed licensed and even military contract production Auto-5s, Winchester stumbled about producing the famously terrible long recoil operated Model 1911 shotgun, not to be confused with the pistol, which limped along for ten or so years before being quietly shuffled under the rug in the early 20s. With their first autoloading shotgun in the post-Browning era a spectacular failure caused in part by their necessary dodging of Browning's patents which Winchester helped him develop, ironically the company took a long break from the whole affair. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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A Winchester Model 50 shotgun came into Albany Guns, my usual emporium for arcane long guns. A prior owner had installed a Poly-Choke Deluxe onto its original 30 inch barrel. This Poly-Choke differs from others I have seen in that it also has three sets of muzzle brake cuts in parallel over the forward length of the choke. The Poly-Choke, for those unaware of its function, has a hardened spring steel collet that can be open or closed by twisting a serrated collar to control the shot pattern.

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Hunting Rifle Restore & Refinish - Before & After - JC Higgins Model 50

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