The 44 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches From Season 44

13 best snl commercials ever made ?????? ??? SNL wrapped up its latest season over the weekend with a stellar show helmed by guest host Paul Rudd , and now ET is looking back at highlights from the last 21 episodes. From politically charged cold opens to hilarious fake commercials, here's a breakdown of all the best sketches, funniest segments and most memorable monologues. Note. Sketches aren't ranked, because humor is subjective. Instead, consider this something of a viewing guide to the best bits from each episode. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

As the show gears up for their outrageous and sure to be incredible SNL 40 event , we have to pay homage to one of the best parts of the show. the fake advertisements that are often too real and make us think about all the crap we buy. Weekend Update and the Digital Shorts are gems of the show, but nothing has stood the test of time like SNL's wealth of infomercial, clothing, household cleaners and feminine hygiene product spoofs. So imagine my surprise when I looked up the ad and found it aired in 2003.

Very goofy, but very fun -- all of it anchored by Beck Bennett's appropriately amped-up voice-over and punctuated by a flurry of freakin' dabs. Note. Unfortunately, the sketch no longer plays on YouTube, but you might be able to catch it in a replay of the full episode, streamable here on Hulu. Actually, on second thought...

Attorney Ad - SNL

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