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28 days later cast best pof profiles ever Tweet Activists set lab animals free from their cages--only to learn, too late, that they're infected with a "rage" virus that turns them into frothing, savage killers. The virus quickly spreads to human beings, and when a man named Jim Cillian Murphy awakens in an empty hospital and walks outside, he finds a deserted London. In a series of astonishing shots, he wanders Piccadilly Circus and crosses Westminster Bridge with not another person in sight, learning from old wind-blown newspapers of a virus that turned humanity against itself. Advertisement So opens "28 Days Later," which begins as a great science fiction film and continues as an intriguing study of human nature. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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While 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later are two stories with connected plots, there are many differences between the two movies. The first major difference is that Danny Boyle, the man in the glasses, directed 28 Days Later, while Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the man in the black t-shirt, directed 28 Weeks Later. While Danny Boyle was asked to direct the second movie, because of commitments to another movie called Sunshine, he had to decline.

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