Apollo E-Liquids Reviewed – Almost the Full Range Tried and Tested

Apollo e liquid review ted mosby syndrome With that being said, on the inhale I get a light vanilla flavor. On the exhale, I get a creamy vanilla bean milkshake. This e-juice is spot on to the description and tastes exactly like if you drank a vanilla bean milkshake. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Smoozie E liquid The juices are created in their purpose built lab in Livermore California to exacting standards. Whilst the company is predominantly US based there is a specially designated UK website so no worries about delivery times! As I mentioned these were sent to me direct from Apollo for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. I Say. Two of my favourite fruits and whilst the strawberry is a little on the sweeter side the kiwi balances it out beautifully — wonderful fruit vape. I Say. Some watermelon vapes can be a bit wishy washy however this one is indeed sweet refreshing and absolutely delicious as the berries lift the vape to a whole new level of fruity goodness.

Part 1 Smoozie ELiquids by Apollo Ecigs

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WhatsApp Apollo E-Liquid review Apollo is a leading manufacturer in the e-cig industry offering a full line of electronic cigarettes as well as a wide assortment of gear to make vaping a pleasure. In addition to this, they also offer over 40 flavours of high quality, American made juices for the e-cigs they sell.

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