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Best snl commercial skits how to turn on a lesbian through text The Trumpworld-skewering cold opens, once a weekly highlight, have fallen off a cliff and now more resemble a burning wreckage of forced wisecracks and ill-conceived ideas. Then there was the Kanye thing. And the Pete Davidson thing. It's been a rocky ride for SNL fans. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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SNL wrapped up its latest season over the weekend with a stellar show helmed by guest host Paul Rudd , and now ET is looking back at highlights from the last 21 episodes. From politically charged cold opens to hilarious fake commercials, here's a breakdown of all the best sketches, funniest segments and most memorable monologues. Note. Sketches aren't ranked, because humor is subjective.

Swiftamine - SNL

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Very goofy, but very fun -- all of it anchored by Beck Bennett's appropriately amped-up voice-over and punctuated by a flurry of freakin' dabs. Note. Unfortunately, the sketch no longer plays on YouTube, but you might be able to catch it in a replay of the full episode, streamable here on Hulu. Actually, on second thought...

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