Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Price & Specs in Malaysia June, 2019

Canon powershot sx50 hs review european brides pics Ambarin Afsar wonders how other companies will respond. The megapixel wars have simmered down lately. But there is another battle being revived by manufacturers—that of offering a crazy amount of zoom in a bridge camera. There was a time when 12x zoom was considered to be a lot. Then there were the 18x, 24x and 30x cameras. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

A large handle on the right-hand side of the body gives a stable grip and allows for comfortable handling when shooting. The motorized zoom lens is controlled via an easy-to-use zoom switch; focal length selection is quite sensitive to the touch. It offers 12MP resolution, manual exposure modes, many individual settings, art effects and scene modes for beginners, and Full HD video recording. The camera offers a special zoom mode which is activated with the function button on the left-hand side of the body.

Canon Powershot SX 50HS Review: " A Great Camera To Start Vlogging"

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