How a Parent's Infidelity Can Hurt a Child

Cheating father effect on son science museum playing cards As a co-founder of the venerable Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children and an attachment parenting advocate, Callander addresses the very real and frequent issues of infidelity and divorce and their impact on children in her books. The dark side of family life may be real, but, as Callander teaches, so are the many paths to healing. The Legacy of Infidelity and Divorce Infidelity—and the divorce that often follows—is a legacy passed from one generation to the next. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

cheating fathers affect sons

A lot. Later, in my teen years, I would personally overhear a phone call of his that confirmed that he was at it again. And when I told my mom, she was upset not only because of this affair, but because it supported her belief that the affairs may have never stopped—who knows if my dad was ever even faithful for a year? You wonder why he got married in the first place.

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THE BLOG How a Parent's Infidelity Can Hurt a Child It's hard to know just how many kids have been in the middle of a parent's infidelity because we don't know how many people are cheating; estimates are from around 25 percent to as high as 70 percent. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. The indie music world was shocked when Sonic Youth's co-founders Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore announced they were separating in 2011 after 27 years of marriage. Gordon, 61, has just published a memoir, Girl in a Band, that tells that story, among others, but she spoke honestly about the reasons her marriage fell apart two years ago, calling it the "most conventional story ever.

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He may not be able to hold down a steady job, handle grown-up conversations or know how to do his own laundry. Immature men struggle with the huge responsibility that is suddenly placed upon their shoulders when a child arrives. Suddenly, the pressure to provide and be a man is being laid on thick. Immature men may not understand the lasting consequences of cheating. A guy who cheats just because opportunity knocks may have deep-rooted issues.

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