How to Upgrade Fedora 29 to Fedora 30

Fedora dnf upgrade release online chance encounters The familiar and long-standing Yum package manager is gone. Before we do this, understand those of you who never touch the command line which on a Fedora system might be a bare minimum will not see anything different. The reason the process will continue on is that the developers have created a wrapper that links yum to dnf—this was done to make the transition easier for end-users—so issuing the yum command will still work at least during the transition. But not every feature of Yum has already made the transition. Although it is the goal of the creators of DNF to get each and every Yum plugin in working order, some are not yet ready for prime time. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

fedora upgrade 29

How it works Display link to release notes and ask you if you really want to upgrade. Check if dependencies are installed and install them. This step is only needed if you download the script from GitHub. Dependencies are always present if you install fedora-upgrade as rpm package.

upgrade to fedora 30

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Fedora 24 Upgrade Using DNF

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Upgrading to Fedora 28 Using DNF On the Dell Ryzen 7 1700!