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Formview django post okcupid study of perceived attractiveness Full stack developer with a devops flavour Handling Multiple Forms on the Same Page in Django Published Jan 23, 2018 Last updated Jan 26, 2018 Recently, I had to implement the handling of two different forms on the same page in Django. Though this use case is surprisingly common, I couldn't find many examples on how to do it the "Django" way. The premise Let's say there are two forms on the page. One form for the user to subscribe to, which only accepts email, and the other a contact form that takes in a title and a description. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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HTML forms are a core component of modern websites. In this form, I have defined two text fields and a submit button. In HTML5, there are many other field element types including email fields, date and time fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and more.

We will go back to this view, but for now, let's quickly create a template for the form. To make a form work we need several things. We have to display the form.

Try DJANGO Tutorial - 40 - Function Based View to Class Based View

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By the end of that chapter, our views were still using functions. The new shiny in the Django world, however, is class-based views.

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