Crime Victim and Survivor Services

Harassment restraining order oregon free online bible training course However, situations sometimes arise in which a restraining order is not appropriate, such as when it is taken out against an innocent person. About Restraining Orders Restraining orders are court orders in which a judge commands that another person cannot make contact with a specified individual and must remain a certain number of feet from the individual at all times. These orders usually prohibit any type of contact, including phone calls, mail, email, social messaging and other forms of communication. Restraining orders may be issued in cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, assault and battery, harassment, stalking and other cases. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

If the protected person asked for spousal, partner, or family support, fill out. Income and Expense Declaration Form FL-150 video instructions. Some courts also have forms on their website. Find your local court's website.

Oregon Sexual Abuse Protection Order (SAPO) Training Video

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