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Hong kong companies registry search lee jin wook age As per Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a Hong Kong Company has the obligation to appoint a company secretary; the position can likewise be satisfied by one of the directors of the organization, however not in the event that the director is a sole director ; if the secretary of the organization is an individual, the person must be a Hong Kong resident; if the secretary is an organization, its office or place of business must be in Hong Kong. What are the obligations of a Company Secretary The company is an appointed officer of the organization and is along these lines in charge of various assignments, for example, keeping the required managerial acts and records while working together in Hong Kong may also involve companies incorporated overseas and furthermore overseeing that the organization meets every legitimate prerequisite. There are also annual filing requirements. What are the privileges of a Company Secretary? [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Our company incorporation package included free Hong Kong company name search, HK company name check and Hong Kong company name reservation. In Hong Kong, a business name is defined as the name that a business uses in operation. A business name can be different from a trademark used by the business for identification and promotion of products and services as offered by the business. Generally, names are doled out on a first-come, first served basis for Hong Kong company name reservation.

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