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How to cite patrologia latina where do couples meet statistics 2018 Priest , and publisher of theological works, born at Saint-Flour , 25 October, 1800; died at Paris , 24 October, 1875. He edited this paper until 1836, and contributed to it a very great number of articles. Meanwhile, he had conceived the plan of publishing for the use of the clergy a series of important, older and newer, theological works, at so moderate a price that they might meet with a wide circulation, and thus further an earnest and scientific study in ecclesiastical circles. For this purpose he founded in the suburb Petit-Montrouge a large printing house, with all the necessary departments, the Imprimerie Catholique, where he employed more than three hundred workmen. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Access based on current holdings Editorial Policy The production of the Patrologia Latina Database was undertaken with the advice and assistance of an Editorial Board. The board resolved that the database should contain the whole of Migne's Patrologia Latina. No part of the text - prefatory material, various kinds of notes, appendices - was to be omitted. Since the Editorial Board took as its first principle the obligation to keep Migne's text intact, it further resolved not to intrude into the Patrologia Latina with textual emendations.

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