Explaining Lupus Pain and Fatigue to Friends and Family

How to explain lupus to husband emotional blackmail helpline For those of you who love someone with Lupus, it too can be a very frustrating disease. And as hard as it is for you to try and understand what Lupus is and how it wreaks havoc on our lives, please also try and remember how those of us who LIVE IT must feel. What Lupus Means. Even when it is excruciatingly painful to help them put on their shoes; play hide-and-seek; or hug them — you are still mommy…and magic. Headaches can last for weeks, a cough can turn into pneumonia in a matter of hours. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Tonight I basically started sobbing. Please help. Harish 17th December 2017 My girlfriend has SLE and it was treated on 2016 now she get into a very bad mood swing and there is a lot of problem between us regarding silly stupid things.

Lupus: Your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs

Search Resources Explaining lupus to others A network of friends and neighbors can give the same kind of valuable support as family members. lending a helping hand with chores and errands, offering a sympathetic ear or a comforting shoulder. But in order to give support, friends need to have some understanding of the nature of lupus. It is not necessary to share all of the details about lupus. But you will want to describe the possible symptoms of lupus and your symptoms in particular. Explain your treatments, as well as the fact that lupus can develop in men and women, teens, and children.

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My Husband's Lupus story

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