7 Key Signals To Look For When You’re Wondering If She Likes You

How to tell if a sassy girl likes you uc davis dtf By Rachel Khona Apr 23 2015 Dating a sarcastic woman is like going on a roller coaster ride of fun. Every chat is an opportunity for verbal word play. It's veritable tennis match of wits. Just kidding. Kind of. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Since the age of time, bitchy has become a term coined to describe women acting in a certain outspoken and temperamental way. While the former utilizes physical beatdowns skateboard smacks in the face and abrasive name-calling as a means of asserting herself, the latter uses her bluntness and wit. Here are some telltale differences that separate a bitchy woman from a sassy one. Sassiness is a character trait that comes with age; bitchiness is an infectious attitude.

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Women are rarely in possession of the assumption that "every man walking up to me is doing so because he wants to get into my pants;" and they usually only end up there after they've been approached by a lot of men say, in a nightclub, or if they're dressed up really nice, sexy, or flashy and walking down the street. Usually, they're rather withholding judgment while they try to figure out what it is a man wants with them. Only, most men never tell them. They make them guess, and then go on this "bonding spree" or they try to be funny and bust on girls, all the while never hinting at what it is they want -- preserving this awkwardness throughout the interaction, until women can't take any more of it and cut things off and walk away.

7 Psychological TRICKS To Get A Girl To Like YOU!

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