Pune airport to auction unclaimed ‘lost’ items

Indian airport custom auction sri lanka bombings bbc news Surjit Singh Kanda supra that on a collective reading of Sections 125 and 126 of the Act, the Customs Department is precluded from retaining the excess sale proceeds after adjustment of duty, penalty and interest. The question referred to this Bench is answered in the affirmative by holding that under Sections 125 read with Section 126 of the Customs Act, 1962 where the redemption fine in lieu of confiscation is not paid within the time stipulated, the Central Government is entitled to retain the excess auction sale proceeds of the confiscated goods, after adjustment of the duty, penalty, interest and other statutory dues. The central government in such circumstance is under no obligation to return the excess amount to the importer. MMTC v. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

chennai customs auction list

The said consignments are referred by the customs for Animal Quarantine Clearance in compliance to import Quarantine health rules of the Government of India. The consignments are examined along with the accompanied health certificates and other relevant papers and Risk analysis is conducted before allowing the entry into India. In case the consignment is not fulfilling the health protocol laid down by Government of India then appropriate action is taken as per the rules in National Interest.

It is often noticed that the importer files the bill of entry but does not clear the goods due to various reasons such as financial problems, lack of demand for the goods, etc. Such goods are called 'uncleared goods'. In some cases, the importer does not even come forward to file the bill of entry for clearance of goods.

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chennai customs auction list

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