Hoje na História: 1867 - Karl Marx publica sua obra máxima, O Capital

Karl marx capital carmen sandiego show 90s After finishing high school in Trier in 1835, he went to Bonn to study law and fiscal accounting. On April 15, 1841 Marx received his doctorate in absentia at the University of Jena with a thesis on the difference between Democritical and Epicurean natural philosophy. Counting for a professorship, Marx then moved to Bonn; but the politics of the Prussian government denied him — like Ludwig Feuerbach, Bruno Bauer and others — the academic career, as Marx was regarded as a leading head of the opposition left-wing Hegelians. Marx became a principal contributor to the paper, which first appeared on January 1, 1842. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Universal basic income. utopian dream or libertarian nightmare? Marx's magnum opus, however, remains a dense and difficult book to penetrate and absorb. To help guide readers through the pages of Capital we are publishing a series of articles that give a chapter by chapter analysis of this great Marxist classic.

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CAPITAL: CRITIQUE OF POLITICAL ECONOMY: Karl Marx - FULL AudioBook, Volume 1: Part 1/4

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L'exploitation capitaliste selon Karl Marx