Lalaine annie 1999 cynic in a sentence Time for my newest review. Hope you enjoy this Christmas Review. Annie Review DJ was humming a tune as he hung up some decorations on a black pine tree, but then saw the camera was on. She had slightly dark skin, white eyes with black corneas, wearing a biker-like outfit with a jackal-styled helmet. Her hair was black with a spiky-look, a bun hidden under her helmet, and has red tips on her black hair. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Mononymous person A mononymous person is an individual, known and addressed by a single name, or mononym. In some cases, that name has been selected by the individual, who may have been given a polynym. In other cases, it has been determined by some interested segment. In the case of historical figures, it may be the only one of the individual's names that has survived and is still known today; the structure of persons' names has varied across geography. In some societies, individuals have been mononymous.

Annie (1999) - "I Don't Need Anything But You"

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annie cast 1977

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