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Matsumoto jun age united clubsm membership That was the beginning of the end. I am well aware of one Mr. From then on, it was V6 I used to religiously catch their show and drama and usually binge watch during the holiday whilst I was in boarding school during term times. Arashi is another one that I fell deeply into the dark hole. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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August 30, 2015 The difference between Nino's birthday and Jun's birthday is so close it's amazing. This is basically an excuse for me to write about Jun. Matsumoto Jun is no longer the ginger-haired dude from the drama that got me into Arashi, Shitsuren Chocolatier. To me, he's just the super dorky, hilariously kakkoii, concert master, of the absolutely fabulous group, Arashi.

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Leave a comment This might be my very last review before my last year of being a high school student begins. Therefore, I thought I should send this whole thing off with a huge hit.

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Users who voted for this artiste 747 1. He still has a way to come because we all know he can be one of the best. His role as Shin will always be a great one that can not be replaced. And his role as Domyouji is also wonderful, yet annoying.

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