El ex marido de Darcey Silva y padre de sus hijas es Frank Bollok

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The 44-year-old business woman gained a whole lot of attention when she appeared on the reality television show 90 Day Fiance. Before The 90 Days. It was here where the well-known entrepreneur took a chance on love with a twenty-something-year-old personal trainer who lived halfway across the world. As we watched these two lovebirds navigate the often choppy waters of the dating world, we could not help become a little curious about this strong woman's personal life outside of her new man. Who was this character?

Darcey Silva from '90 Day Fiancé'

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The incident allegedly happened in 2007 although he was only convicted seven years later , when Paul supposedly committed second-degree arson and "burning personal property to defraud insurer," the website reports. Starcasm shed more light on Paul's past, claiming that he is currently " supervised under shock probation ," which led them to believe that he probably spent some time behind bars.

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