18 Reasons Why Dating A Bald Man Is The Smartest Decision You'll Make All Year

Most handsome bald man funny memes about hitting a deer This is the first question we normally ask ourselves before taking the plunge and taking to the blade. Are bald guys attractive? But when I think back, this too was the first question I had asked myself when considering shaving my head. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Contact Author Bald Is Beautiful! Baldness is the complete lack of hair, or partial hair on your head. It can also be called thinning.

Top 10 Sexiest Bald Male Celebrities Ever Existed

In fact, stylish hot and sexy bald men looks are being done by many men shaving off all the hair! Sexy Bald Men Looks You Can Copy While we live in a world that places a lot of primacy on physical looks where having a crop of abundant hair at the top of your is thought as one of the important expression of masculine style, there are some who have gone against the grain. There is no shortage of bald successful and sexy men who have made it in a variety of fields; from acting to sports and even academia.

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