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Norteno sets meaning michelle trachtenberg physics As of May 2017, just over 1,300 individuals in Washington County have been identified as gang members or have been arrested for gang-related criminal activity. A greater number are involved in illegal activities and have not yet been arrested. There are several different gangs with ties to Washington County. The most prevalent are gangs with Hispanic origins, such as the Westside 18th Street, Hillside 12th Street, and various other Sureno gang sets. One of GET's primary functions is to apprehend gang members who are wanted on outstanding warrants or those who are suspected of being involved in recent criminal acts. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

He played football, and he enjoyed school. He had nothing to do with gangs. Then, one day, his mother moved him to 98th Avenue. They showed me death in the face. That year, his father was killed by his own brother during a family quarrel in Mexico.

Fuerza Regida- Radicamos En South Central [Inedita En Vivo] Corridos 2018


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Danny Trejo on How the Mexican Mafia Formed, Origin of Norteño vs Sureño War (Part 2)

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