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Pof anderson indiana base64 encode file bash During this period, the patient did not report any complaints and no other treatment was needed. On histo-pathological examination, proliferating hyper keratinized epithelium and connective tissue showing collagen fibers and proliferating fibroblasts was seen in addition to the trabeculae of woven bone with collagen fibers and proliferating fibroblasts Figure 6a ; Figure 6b. POF is one such reactive lesion, which occurs exclusively on gingiva. Although, intra-oral ossifying fibromas have been described in the literature since the late 1940s, still there are lot of theories and various schools of thoughts regarding its pathogenesis. The widely accepted etio-pathogenesis for POF is the inflammatory hyperplasia of the cells of the periosteum or periodontal ligament; as there is excessive proliferation of mature fibrous connective tissue in response to gingival injury, gingival irritation, sub-gingival calculus or a foreign body in the gingival sulcus. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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See links below for detailed explanations of causes and associated disorders. POI is a problem in which the ovary produces insufficient amounts of ovarian hormones. The disorder can be seen in teenagers as young as 13 years of age.

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