Rachel McAdams Accuses James Toback of Sexual Harassment in Vivid Detail

Rachel mcadams agent contact dating without tinder reddit By Proma Khosla 2017-10-26 19.14.34 UTC Hollywood's disgusting revelations of sexual assault and harassment continue, this week with the staggering number of women who have spoken out about director James Toback. As with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein , the accusations against Toback have empowered his victims to come forward in solidarity. Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams spoke to Vanity Fair about their unsettling encounters with the director; Blair's meeting ultimately ended with a death threat, and McAdams was severely shaken before working her first big television job. Until now, they were too terrified and disgusted to revisit these traumatic episodes. She was nervous from the outset about their encounter, during which Toback allegedly said he could have her father killed and questioned her confidence as an actress. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

While many actresses in her position would be living the high life in Hollywood, this 28-year-old has actually spent the past couple of months at home in Toronto, playing ultimate Frisbee in a recreational league. I'm hooked. But McAdams, who's been relying on pals to keep an eye on her newly purchased house while she's working, has more pressing matters. And I'm a million miles away. Thomas, Ont.

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Thanks for watching! Visit Website Through high school, McAdams acted in local productions. She went on to study theater at York University in Toronto, where she performed in several stage and student film productions.

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