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Seattle air quality compared to beijing weed smoker dating app Seattle Times staff reporter How unhealthy was the air Seattle residents were breathing Wednesday? Worse than that of Beijing, by far. The reading on Weather Underground, a website that tracks weather data around the world, was 154. Related Smoky Seattle summers. Expect more of them, scientists say But a push of marine air into the Puget Sound was expected to start Wednesday evening and clear some of the smoky haze from wildfires to the north, according to the National Weather Service. Washington state has had more wildfires this year than ever before, with 939 fires involving more than 34,000 acres on land protected by the Department of Natural Resources, according to Janet Pearce, a spokeswoman for the state agency. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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By Glenn Fleishman August 21, 2018 Beijing has become the poster child of urban pollution with its air routinely in the hazardous range of 301 to 500 in the Air Quality Index, and, at times, above where the scale usually ends, topping 700. But this month, Seattle has routinely outpaced Beijing, sometimes with air five times as dirty, reaching an AQI of 150 to 200 for hours or days running, including most of Monday and Tuesday this week. In July, however, the city averaged 44, the seventh-lowest average since 2008. The reason for the shift?

Inequality Indoors - Health risks of indoor air pollution

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