If she won't commit to a time and wants to find out what her friends are doing 1st

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signs she won't commit

Every relationship develops over a period of time and each stage requires both parties to be willing to move forward and commit to the next stage. This is a gradual process and usually unconscious for the most part. You may commit to talking online at a certain time, then commit to meet somewhere for a date, then agree to see each other again at a certain time and place. Before we get to any of the big life commitments like marriage and children we have usually made dozens of small commitments to each other. This can be confusing, upsetting and difficult to talk about.

Signs she won't commit!

By Elana Rubin Feb 21 2018 When I was a freshman in college, I connected with someone during the first week of school. We explored our new city, ate together in the dining halls, and had pretty deep conversations that all made me think we were meant to be.

she doesn't want to commit to a relationship

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How to Get Her to Commit to You?

she doesn't want a relationship but wants to see me

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