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Please make sure to subscribe to my Wayfinding Channel on YouTube to get the very latest videos on all aspects of wayfinding and navigation. You might look at signage and not spare too much thought for the direction, shape and size of the arrows normally, but if you are involved in any way at all with making or needing signage to guide people, there is a lot to think about! And arrows ultimately are what direct people on signs and so the design of the arrows is vital. Take a look at this image below! When designing signage to guide people from A to B, the key is to try and make the signs as easy as possible to read, with. Simple and clear text Arrows that easily guide people The right text in terms of terminology Good text versus background colours And also the right background lighting for the signs.

Universal Principles of Design: Wayfinding

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Read on to learn 5 design and display tips for a smoother sale or event! Place your signs where people are — not where you want them to go! It may seem obvious that your signs will need to be displayed where people actually arrive or congregate, but many event organizers and business owners mess directional signage up, placing their restroom signs within 5 feet of the restroom, or sticking their food and refreshment signage right next to the serving area. Directional signage for restrooms, exits, stairs, elevators, and food or refreshment should be set up in high traffic areas where guests frequently gather. Follow the KISS principle.

Directional Signages

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