Undateables star Daniel Wakeford proposes to his love Lily one year after the pair met

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Alisha Rogerson The Undateables Study Guide A2 Section A — Genre Documentary Modes Nichols The Undateables is a documentary, taking inspiration from multiple documentary modes. It conforms to the expository mode of a documentary. using a god-like narrator to create a preferred reading. This makes the show easy for the viewer to interpret, as they offer the perceived reality of the events, and is thereby the most popular format for documentaries. The patronising tone that she says this in suggests that it is almost ridiculous that a grown man would need to take questions on a first date, therefore portraying him as childlike in nature. Despite this, the use of a narrator to create a preferred reading is atypical of observational documentaries which typically avoid set-ups, editing or non-diegetic sounds to allow the audience to infer their reading from the text, establishing no preferred reading in the process of creation.

Undateables Star Daniel - Season 3 First Date with Holly Part 1

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Sorry Ruth… Missed Episode 1? Click here to read the review.

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The Daniel Wakeford Experience - It's A Wonderful City [Official Video]

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