Springfield police officer Gregg Bigda's lawyer continues efforts to keep him off the witness stand

Tom rooke attorney mark zuckerberg daughters name Bennett promised to serve just two terms. At the time, Bennett's promise came in the context of an ugly scandal that had enveloped the DA's office during the tenure of Bennett's predecessor, the late Matthew J. Bennett ran as a reformer who would liberate the DA's office from years under the popular but controversial and entrenched Ryan. Ryan, who chose not to seek re-election in 1990, had been accused by one of his top aides, Francis Bloom, of going easy on reputed mobsters, with whom, in some cases, Ryan had social relationships. In his race to succeed Ryan, Bennett prevailed without the benefit of his predecessor's endorsement. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

So let's give the last word on the subject and please, god, let it be the last word to City Councilor Tim Rooke, who yesterday sent an email to a group of local reporters with this doozy of a headline. "Rooke Relishes Roll in Resolving Dom Dog War. Verducci accused Sarno of targeting him as a favor to the owners of a new restaurant in the area, Izzo's, one of whose owners happens to be the mayor's cousin. The vendor also made an intriguing reference at a City Council meeting to some unresolved high-school issues between himself, Sarno and the cousin, Patsy Izzo. Sarno insisted the move—which affected other street vendors as well—had nothing to do with his cousin. Rather, he said, it was an attempt to be fair to all business-owners in the area, who pay thousands in property taxes while the vendors just need enough quarters to feed the meter at the parking spot where they set up shop.

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