Top 13 Common Communicable Diseases Found in India

Top 5 contagious diseases tb in uterus pictures Scanning electron micrograph image depicting numerous clumps of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria; Magnified 9560x. Infectious diseases can be caused by several different classes of pathogenic organisms commonly called germs. Although microbes can be agents of infection, most microbes do not cause disease in humans. The majority of agents that cause disease in humans are viruses or bacteria, although the parasite that causes malaria is a notable example of a protozoan. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Posted by Smashing Lists Leave a comment Being ill is seldom fun, getting pinned down by a particularly nasty cold usually results in a good few days of moping and generally feeling sorry for yourself whilst constantly blowing your nose. But it could be worse, I know medicine today is in many ways a blessing- however there are still frequent cases of devastating illnesses new and old that can act to infect a staggering amount of people over and unbelievably short period of time. Smallpox Far more under the control of humanity than in eras past, smallpox has been eradicated in its human form officially since 1979- despite this however; many countries continue to implicate required vaccination in way of precaution from the illness. Notorious in many parts of the world, the disease was known for its viral tendencies- spreading easily amongst humans and causing an uncountable number of epidemics throughout our history.

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Infectious Diseases - An Introduction

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