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Football league in ukraine jamie dornan and dakota johnson news Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash faces extradition 14 Mar 2014 Over the post-Soviet period, most clubs have been acquired by private sponsors, usually local oligarchs or lesser businessmen, and the success or otherwise of each club reflects their respective wealth. In the last few years, the burden of financing at this level has resulted in most of those achieving promotion from the next tier turning it down, with only FC Sevastopol and Olympic Donetsk taking it up. Thus even before losing the Crimean clubs, the League was struggling to make up 16 clubs and those due to be relegated have been reprieved. In the last two seasons we have seen two clubs go under as their sponsors gave up, although Tavria Simferopol would have gone under last season anyway since its owner, Dmitry Firtash, had more pressing concerns. He protested his innocence. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The international media buildup to the big match began with a flurry of negative stories criticizing Ukrainian hoteliers and apartment rental services for inflating prices to astronomical levels. Absurd increases of 1000 percent and higher risked pricing fans out entirely and turning the prestige event into a complete farce. Ordinary Ukrainians were soon signing up for this social media campaign in droves, offering to accommodate Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters free of charge and capturing the imagination of international audiences in the process. As more and more foreign fans made contact with their future Ukrainian hosts, the compliments flew thick and fast.

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By Kevin Baxter Oct 11, 2014 6.42 PM Donbass Arena, the home of Donetsk Shakhtar, has not played host to competitive soccer since fighting between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian rebels broke out in Donetsk. The 50,000-seat stadium was built for the Euro 2012 championships. Lives lost or destroyed.

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