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Gaming pc shop couples retreat 2019 philippines It is the second most-impactful component on gaming performance, just behind the GPU, and is the most important component for content creation. The three most important things to know about a processor are its clock speed, cores, and threads. Clock speed is a measure of processing speed, in gigahertz GHz. Cores are usually assigned to different tasks in your system, but certain applications can utilize multiple cores at once. Core count and clock speed really only serve as direct measures of performance with processors in the same generation, however. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Comments Shares Once upon a time, lost amongst the ancient mists of prehistory the 1980s , the idea of a PC built explicitly for gaming was ludicrous; PCs were work and education oriented, and marketed as such. Even as PC gaming became more popularly accepted - and more lucrative - PCs manufacturers that specialized in gaming specs were extremely rare. In this glorious modernity, gamers looking for a specialized PC to service their hobby are spoiled by a multitude of options, a brightly lit, liquid-cooled array of powerful hardware screaming for attention under the banner of increasingly hyperbolic names.

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