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Laser optimus prime wiki how to update ssd firmware kingston Bayverse Optimus is officially 28 feet tall according to scale charts and official info- Animated scale reference Megatron is officially 35 feet - IDW Prime scaled off of adult Spike- War for Cybertron Optimus scale ripped from game data- Fall of Cybertron scale chart- Prime scale which I believe accurate- So yeah. Where did that come from? Is there a point in the comics or something where he upgraded himself? Of course Megatron had reason for the change, but I thought as soon as FoC started, Prime was in the new body without any particular reason. Click to expand... [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Profil Dalam Transformers. Armada , Optimus tampil sebagai pemimpin Autobots yang mempunyai tujuan untuk melindungi kehidupan manusia dan para Transformers. Ia termasuk seorang robot yang mempunyai dedikasi tinggi dan disiplin, serta tegas dalam memerintah. Optimus bisa berubah menjadi sebuah truk semi-trailer.

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Which bots are the best and which bots should I invest my spark on? Transformers Earth Wars

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