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Linkedin Comment A wedding dress is displayed in a window in the Chamonix dress shop in the center of Rhinebeck, New York, July 26, 2010. Sixty-one percent of self-identified Christian singles who answered a recent ChristianMingle survey said they are willing to have casual sex without being in love, while only 11 percent said they are waiting to have sex until they are married. In an interview with The Christian Post, two Christian Millennials share their diverse stories on faith, sex and marriage, and explain why many singles are battling against the "purity culture" of their youth. When Heather Lindsey moved to New York City in 2004 at the age of 22, the Michigan native both attended church regularly and considered herself a Christian. While Lindsey grew up in the church, she said it rarely emphasized reading the Bible or one's relationship with God.

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Fri 21 Apr 2017 19.27 BST Pixabay Dating and marriage can be a "Tinder" subject these days among Millennials, but let's be honest, dating is hard and the struggle is real! There was once a time when chivalry existed, men actually initiated relationships, and being pursued by a gentleman was considered an honor for a woman.

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Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial) Discusses Her Journey from Atheism to Christianity

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