Can Moon Phases Affect Your Love Life? The Answer is YES.

Moon phases and relationships pacific island ladies connection The Answer is YES. July 29, 2018 Astrology. Usually, folks look to the lover planets Venus and Mars for guidance when it comes to romance. Lunar cycles give us a ton of insight into our emotional well-being. The moon shows us how we nurture ourselves and what feelings we are processing. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

It is the particular point in which the moon was in during its never-ending cycle. There are eight moon phases in a complete cycle. People who are born in the same moon phase may share some of the same traits. It is also useful to know what cycle the moon is in during the current time. Each phase has certain characteristics associated with it and can be used to plan what days are the best days to make decisions and to guide you in your daily life.

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Share on whatsapp Shutterstock If you believe in astrology - or just think it's super fun to the think about - should know that in addition to the influence of the zodiac signs, we may all be affected by the different phases of the moon. Each period of the lunar cycle is considered favorable in different ways.

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The artificial satellite of the earth has the most direct effect on the vital activity and well-being of a person. One of the areas, as astrologers say, is the relationship between men and women. So, that is why, astrologers are asked to take into account the moon phases in building your relationship , so that your desires and aspirations coincide with the lunar influence of the human biorhythms. Many people have already heard that there are such things as the lunar calendar, the lunar month, the phases of the moon, etc.