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Vanessa carlton liberman live area code map san diego She's bringing her reinvented career back to Portland. Image. Jesse DeFlorio In high school, I could usually be found between classes in the choir practice room. On its clunky upright piano, I composed odes to teenage heartbreak and taught myself songs by my ivory-tickling idol, Vanessa Carlton. For Carlton, a lot has changed since the release of her debut album, Be Not Nobody, in 2002. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Share Tweet Bursting onto the scene back in 2002, a young, talented singer-songwriter by the name of Vanessa Carlton quickly became a Pop Rock star. A learning experience, one which could be overwhelming, fast forward to 2017, Carlton is now older and wiser. Coming the night prior to a sold out engagement in New York City at City Winery, Long Islanders made the trip to the south shore of Suffolk County in the wake of a pending snow storm. Relaxed and calm, once in the doors of the welcoming venue, everyone took their seats as Tristen approached the stage with her co-performing partner, Buddy Hughen.

Vanessa Carlton - Earlier Things (Live) Full EP

Email You probably remember Vanessa Carlton, girlish and doe-eyed, playing a piano atop a moving truck on a dirt highway, that spellbinding riff from "A Thousand Miles" playing over and over in your head long after the song had ended. That was 2001. Now, sixteen years later, with five records under her belt, after struggles with drugs and alcohol, Vanessa has long left that polished pop-princess look behind. A recent album, 2015's Liberman, is a bold and refreshingly raw ethereal concept LP.

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Vanessa Carlton - House of Seven Swords (Live in Nashville)

Vanessa Carlton - House of Seven Swords [Official Video]

vanessa carlton liberman songs

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